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My colourful potpourri! Enjoy! :D



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Heya folks and my loyal followers, it´s spy and I have something on my hearth!

I guess most if not all of you have allready heard about pokemon go or even tried it himself. Two days ago I´ve never heard of it before, besides reading about an announcement made about half a year ago. So I was kind of surprised hearing this from a college-buddy from who I would have not though that he could be a pokemon fan at all. Yet he told me that he have been one since the first edition. And he showed and wanted me to play it aswell, even pushed me to buy a cell phone just cause of it! So I tried it out on his phone, walked a few meters that went into kilometers and I was surprised on how awesome it felt, very close to the serious root: being a trainer, catching pokemon... this time in the real world, almost! Yet I had fun! You simply walk from spot to spot and explore your surroundings!

I´ve been a pokemon-fan myself since the first edition, yet I´ve allways been more of the zelda- and mario-type of nintendo-fan actualy! Still I could feel the immersion you just got by simply playing a game that is so close to what it tried to promise for about 20 years! The combination of gps-tracking and exploration of your surroundings is spledid and works so well together! I´ve allways been an active child, climbing on trees, jumping into rivers, running over fields and meadows like a madman!

Yet, over years, digitalization has lead to people being at home more, not taking the time to meet irl. And if they met irl, they mostly talked about smalltalkish stuff. There´s mostly nothing new, nothing surprising and nothing very exciting in this age of global communication.
Thus it has felt as a real surprise that a game made you actualy walk outside and being active!
More then that! You meet and randomly get into conversations with people and feel more confident about talking with foreigners doing the same as you are: catching pokemon, battling in arenes or doing a pause on a pokestop.

It kind of felt like magic! A return to childhood from different directions!

But the biggest part of that magic to me is: People go out and meet each other! They get into conversation that is not dull or banal, they have something to share! And they talk about it so confidently and with so much love and passion! It felt like a return to me aswell!

Yet it is sad...! Why do people not do this in the first place? Going outsite being active and social! Being happy and random! Does it realy need a game to reach this? Even if it is beautiful, it kind of makes me sad somewhere aswell...! Seeing people that have a goal, and which´s wishes came true is wonderful, but it should not be bound to a game.

Dont get me wrong! Im a passionated gamer myself! I love games, love gaming, love talking about it. But I miss one crucial thing...! Sitting next to a bud and gaming! Maybe it´s not just me... but I do have this inner need to have someone around to fool around with. No skype, no teamspeak, just eyes to eyes...! It´s where I made my closest friendships of my whole life! Games do bring people together! Yet, todays communication makes people gaming without that crucial part! surely! there have been also alot of single player games aswell! The thing is: we even came together to play single player games and talk about it, talk about discoveries and tactics. even if the game is made to be played by a single person only.

So I do have fear! I read about people going crazy about it! having their wishes came true. It makes me both happy and fills me with fear. What happens once the hype will fade? I do not know. One of my old buds is a passionated Ingress-gamer, Niantics other game that is also based on real-world interaction is one of his favorite for 3 years and he even travels to a far place soon just to meet his gamer-comrads. It is an example of the strong impulse a game, a movie, a novel or anything else very emotional and fictional can have on people. I think this is beautiful and an example of how people can get together and try to reach something. I missed this feeling for many years myself...!

One thing said in the end: I do not want to need a game to get this feeling of collaboration, I do want people to find their own goals and work together by themselfes. Pokemon Go is just a minor step on the way to this goal. It is a fine game, yet even if it has very simple game mechanics, and hopefully something that pushed people to come together irl more! This is also my personal wish for furrys, to not act in groups or egoistical believes. They do have something also that drives everyone of us. Yet a game like Pokemon Go overshadows the potential the furry community has. It makes me sad, but it makes me happy that I find myself going outside and speak randomly with people and have a good laugh with them!

Thanks for reading, your spy! x)
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☺ ~ Hello my watchers, friends and guests! ~ ☺


I´m a realy(!) energetic and chaotic guy and impassionate gamer!
I´m very curious and love peeking into many different things of different nature, I cant imagine a life without variety!
I´m mostly into gaming, beeing active (skating, swimming and climbing), close to nature and curious in science!
In general, I´m very wild and impassionate with the things and persons I like and love!
I´m a pretty out-of-the.norm guy who tends to not fit into any kind of group for very long and
who annoys people quite often due to either my curiosity or my honesty about them. It´s me!
I´m both curious and open minded for fresh, freaskish and in general anything interesting new!

To sum it up: a wild, playful chaot!

              ► ► Autonomy ◄ ◄


                        /  Me  \

                     /   crazy   \

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If you just stumpled across my page, dont hesitate to drop me a note if you want to talk.
Im neither arrogant about anything or having a prejudice about someone.

-->I´m waiting for your notes~ ahaha<--

For more infos about my character visit:

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